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LAKA wanted an online shop makeover, with an original feel that spoke to its position as Korea’s first gender-neutral makeup brand.
In our e-commerce site revamp, we focused on creating balance between an official website that tells their brand story with exploring rich and plentiful product information. We also created a global site so international K-beauty consumers could experience the LAKA brand as well.

  • Optimized screens for better usability

    To break the limits of the previous site, we optimized screens for a range of devices and reconfigured the claim process so each step was accurately recognized and executed, leading to increased usability.

  • Exploring conceptual product information through story

    Based on the characteristics of each product, we show product options through color chips to make it easy to explore a variety of colors. And by utilizing LAKA mood images, consumers can enjoy both color and texture with the naked eye.

  • Color with brand sensibility

    To show the concept of ‘BE NEUTRAL’ — the idea that beauty cannot be confined — we used LAKA’s brand colors BLACK & WHITE as well as achromatic color for a simple yet clear expression of LAKA’s brand identity.

LAKA digital store concept image
LAKA digital store concept image
LAKA digital store concept image
LAKA Digital Store Main Page Mockup
LAKA Digital Store website mock-up
LAKA Digital Store website mock-up
LAKA digital store website product screen
LAKA Digital Store Mobile Website Product Screen
LAKA Digital Store Product Details Page
LAKA Digital Store Product Details Page
LAKA Digital Store website mock-up




ONA CREATION - Partner Agency


Sohn Yeseul - Project Manager

Heo Jiin - Planner

Lee Suheon - Lead Designer

Lee Dami - Lead Designer

Lee Seul - Designer

Lee Wonkyoung - Designer

Kim Heejeong - Publisher

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